Eureka Coin Blockchain

Update on Eureka. The ICO is already finished. The Eureka Blockchain is now live and kicking.

Big News for Polaris Universal members!! Since the token to ERK coin swap is completed, all the unused coins that were not sold or given away during the ICO stage will be burned very very soon. The initial coin burn will be aprox 35 million. That will take the total amount of coins to ever exist from approx 150,000,000 down to 115,000,000. More than 23% right off the bat. Soon afterwards they will start the first buy back and burn. Proffits from the company will be used to buy back and burn ERK coins on a regular, unspecified basis. There will be no warnings or anouncements prior to the buy back and Burns. This will get rid of any pumping and dumping in the market. The first burn is anounced because it’s not a buy back but rather burning unused ICO coins.

This is very exciting news for me personally and any ERK coin holders out there. And this is just the very start of the project. ERK is a Proof Of Stake coin that allows tokens to be created on it’s blockchain that will also be proof of stake tokens. Great for anyone with a good project looking to create a token. There are no master nodes. Anybody can become a node bu simply downloading the wallet and staking Eureka coins. This makes it the first truly decentralized Proof Of Stake blockchain coin in existence.

Here you can see the live staking going on with Eureka Coin Core wallet.

If you are having Synching issues with you Core wallet then watch this video. It will help. Also all issues will be resolved with a future update to the wallet.

Also Eureka parent company, Polaris Universal, is launching their own centralized exchange. The exchange is now live. Updated 17th Nov 2019

Here I give a brief explanation of what Eureka Coin is and the potential it has. Believe me when I say that I don’t even scratch the surface here. There is so much to this wonder Prof of Stake blockchain I would need hours to go over everything there is to cover.


EurekaCoin isn’t just another coin offering without any substance behind it. It’s a coin that will be the native coin of its own blockchain,the Eureka Network and there are many projects interested in building upon it. The EurekaNetwork blockchain will not only be proof of stake itself ( meaning EurekaCoin in itself can be used to earn passively ) but other tokens/ sidechain coins will be able to be proof of stake in themselves securing their own network.

What makes EurekaNetwork Groundbreaking?

About Eureka Coin From the Company that Created it.

The ultimate question for any new blockchain is why use this it over say ethereum. Well EurekaNetwork is actually built using both the ethereum and bitcoin technology ( parts of both blockchains ) therefore it’s just as user friendly as ethereum, it’ll be cheaper to deploy & of course it provides the ground breaking open source development of allowing other projects tokens to be able to build upon it and secure their own PoS network.

So why is it good for projects to be able to secure their own networks? The answer is an economic one. Currently the profits of all transactions that a token built on the Ethereum blockchain generates, goes to Ethereum miners and that provides no benefit for the project.

With our PoS solution it means that the stakers of those projects built on the EurekaNetwork get the reward and the project itself will benefit. That’s a very strong incentive for people to hold the token and to support the project.

Our EurekaCoin offering is purely to raise funds for exchange listing fees & marketing to broaden our community. It will be listed on a minimum of 3 major exchanges and many other exchanges too.

Every single transaction that takes place on the EurekaNetwork blockchain will actually burn some Eureka out of circulation. To enhance this it will have its own wallet, it’s own prepaid cards and merchant api ( similar to coinpayments/ bitpay ) so EurekaCoin can be used by various businesses throughout the world as a means of payment.

The EurekaNetwork will also have its own built in decentralised exchange that will allow all tokens a trading platform to exchange on. Profits from this will just be burned out of circulation. EurekaCoin will be a base coin in this exchange which will again improve its liquidity. As every staker from every token/ coin of every project built on the blockchain receive EurekaCoin as the reward, this will add up to masses of people making mass adaptation ( holders/ users etc ) inevitable.

The EurekaCoin will be used as a utility coin throughout a number of websites and that will also bring it further demand.

Having the best of both Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains has other perks too. It means that no matter what Ethereum and Bitcoin ( which means pretty much everything else) go on to develop, we will be able to implement it into the Eureka blockchain if it’ll advance the network.

With only 150 million ever in circulation as an absolute maximum ( any unsold coins in initial coin offering will be burnt ) EurekaCoin will become more and more sparse as demand grows.

Additionally EurekaNetwork also has two foundations. One to support various (ever growing) self sustainable charities worldwide. The other to incentivise developers and marketers to continue growing the blockchain itself and the community for years to come.

So EurekaCoin is a utility coin to its own blockchain, it is an incredible store of value; it will be used even from the launch as a form of currency and it will have mass adaptation. Don’t hesitate.If you missed other massive projects in the early stages then this is your chance right here, right now!