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My Blog shows you ways to earn both paid and free passive income streams with very little effort. I Trust these platforms and this is why I created my website. To promote passive income streams you can trust.

Check out the new arbitrage feature on now you can trade on Okex and HitBTC crypto exchanges from one account making arbitrage trading much cheaper and streamlined. Polaris Universal is behind this new technology that nobody else has. Soon they will add Binance as well so there will be 3 exchanges to choose from.

In this video I show you how to fund My Eureka Club with Eureka Lite Wallet.

In this video I show you how to consolidate inputs in Eureka Core staking wallet to keep the wallet working smooth and clean. Happy Staking guys.

If you want to swap the old Chatabox ERC20 tokens for the new CBT token on the Eureka blockchain then this is the video for you. It’s a step by step tutorial and I hope it helps.

How to add CBT chatabox token and IPX ImpulsX token to eureka lite wallet

how to find exchanges for eureka coin or any crypto or token

How to withdraw Eurkea Coin ERK from My Passive Trades using Eureka Lite Wallet

How to buy and sell Eureka Coin ERK on EurekaX Exchange video #1

How to Buy and Sell Eureka Coin on EurekaX Exchange Video#2

How to buy and sell Eureka Coin on Probit Exchange

How to Setup and use your Eureka Lite Wallet

In this video I show you how to fix syncing issues with Eureka Core wallet.

Big News for Polaris Universal members!! Since the token to ERK coin swap is completed, all the unused coins that were not sold or given away during the ICO stage will be burned very very soon. The initial coin burn will be aprox 35 million. That will take the total amount of coins to ever exist from approx 150,000,000 down to 115,000,000. More than 23% right off the bat. Soon afterwards they will start the first buy back and burn. Proffits from the company will be used to buy back and burn ERK coins on a regular, unspecified basis. There will be no warnings or anouncements prior to the buy back and Burns. This will get rid of any pumping and dumping in the market. The first burn is anounced because it’s not a buy back but rather burning unused ICO coins.

This is very exciting news for me personally and any ERK coin holders out there. And this is just the very start of the project. ERK is a Proof Of Stake coin that allows tokens to be created on it’s blockchain that will also be proof of stake tokens. Great for anyone with a good project looking to create a token. There are no master nodes. Anybody can become a node bu simply downloading the wallet and staking Eureka coins. This makes it the first truly decentralized Proof Of Stake blockchain coin in existence.

In my video below I give you a little taste of live staking on the Eureka Network.

If you are having synching issues with your Eureka Core Wallet you may find the fix here in my video. There will be an update to the wallet that will fix all the problems so don’t worry if you don’t want to change anything. But you may still need to do a few things in this video to get it to work.

Hello and thanks for watching my video. If you want to sign up with Eureka X and get your free 300 Eureka coins then follow the link below. Don’t forget to do the KYC in order to get your free coins. As soon as they have verified your KYC you will see the 300 ERK coins in the exchange. You can later trade them for bitcoin or any other crypto they have listed.… if you enjoyed the video then please give me a like and subscribe to my channel. Also, don’t forget to check out my website with trusted sources of passive income.

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My new review of bUnited July 1st 2019. Things are ticking along nicely.